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8 Reasons Why You Should Choose Soy Wax Candle

You love candles so do we. Have you ever considered switching to a candle that can be an alternative for paraffin? Due to the growing awareness for eco-friendly materials, soy wax type of candles is becoming popular nowadays.
The main compound in the paraffin type of candles which use date back in the 1800s is petroleum-base. These paraffin type of candles are available in the mainstream market because they are cheaper compared with the more natural type of candles plus it burns three 3 times faster. Would you believe that NASA even used paraffin wax combined with other chemicals to make their rocket fuel?
Paraffin candles when lit tend to emit benzene and toluene in the air and these chemicals are said to be carcinogenic. When lit, paraffin candles leave dark soot that clings to linens and surfaces at home which when inhaled may cause damage to the respiratory system. Aside from petroleum, it contains other additives that are harmful to the environment.
One good alternative to paraffin candle is soy wax candle. Here are the reasons why:
Soy wax is made from soybean so it is less toxic and contains less harmful chemicals. It comes from a renewable source which means the basic raw material can be grown, harvested easily and can regrow again easily. It is bio-degradable so you need not worry too much about its disposal. It contains a lot more natural ingredients than the paraffin type.
Helpful to Farmers
If you patronize soy wax candles, you will be helping farmers who grow soybeans and in turn, you will be a contributor to the economy.
Less Soot
Paraffin candles when burnt, leave dark soot that is collected in the jars. It also leaves ugly traces on the walls, linens, and other surfaces. Soy wax candles may still have soot remnants in the jar but it is much less than that of the paraffin’s and won’t leave on surfaces.
Lasts Longer
Soy type may be more expensive but you may be able to save more and get value for your money because it lasts longer while being eco-friendly.
Holds Scent Longer
Because of its cooler temperature, it tends to burn slowly and holds sent longer.
Holds color well
Soy wax candle tends to hold color well making it attractive for a longer time.  
Scalds Less
Do you still remember the time when you were still a young child and you can’t help getting curious about that flickering light in a candle? Have you experienced getting scalded with the hot melted liquid from a candle? Soy wax scalds less than that of the paraffin but you still need to take extra care for those little kids but worries will be much less.
Tired of looking for alternative candles that are not made from animal products or by-products? Here’s the good news. Soy wax is made from vegetable so your vegan friend will surely love this type of candle as a gift for house-warming, birthdays, Christmas, and even without occasions.
Try soy wax candle now and see the difference.

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