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  • How to Take Good Care of Your Scented Candle?

    You just bought that lovely cozy little candle, lit it up and the enchantment begins. However, after a few hours of burning you wonder if there’s a way you can keep its life longer without digging anymore into your pocket...

  • How Smart Are You in the Candle Language?

    scented soy wax candle
    Do you freak out whenever you go to the candle store and you hear terms that are unfamiliar to you? It’s great to be knowledgeable about these terms in order to guide you in your buying decision. Read and see the list...
  • Interesting Facts About Candles

    Have you heard of celebrities, the rich and the famous, who simply love scented candles? There was a scene in the “Sky Castle” Korean TV series about an elegant lady reminding someone over the phone to bring candles to remove the smell...

  • What Can Scented Candles Do For Your Body?

    Did you know that candle scents can do wonders to your body? Did you ever feel nostalgic about your favorite memories when you smell a certain scent? How about feeling tired and suddenly feel invigorated?
  • How To Choose The Right Scent For Your Candles?

    Have you ever imagined walking into a room and suddenly feel enchanted? That’s how magical scented candles can do to your rooms. However, choosing the right scent for your candles can sometimes be overwhelming, especially, if there is a wide range...
  • 8 Reasons Why You Should Choose Soy Wax Candle

    You love candles so do we. Have you ever considered switching to a candle that can be an alternative for paraffin? Due to the growing awareness for eco-friendly materials, soy wax type of candles is becoming popular nowadays.
  • 8 Benefits of Scented Candles

    Did you know what scented candles can do to your body?  Studies have shown the many benefits of using candles that is why its popularity had tested the times. The use of candles dates back centuries ago and it was believed...