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8 Benefits of Scented Candles

Did you know what scented candles can do to your body?  Studies have shown the many benefits of using candles that is why its popularity had tested the times.
The use of candles dates back centuries ago and it was believed to have been used first by the Egyptians about 5,000 years ago. Candles during that time had no wicks and were made from animal fats. After 2,000 years came the wicked type of candles which were said to be developed by the Romans and were made from beeswax. Those candles were used for celebrations, to light up their homes, or for night travels.
Through the years, candles have evolved into scented ones and are preferred by many households. Aside from being a source of light, here are the benefits of using scented candles:
Aromatic candles are being used for a peaceful ambience, creating a soothing and relaxing atmosphere, relieving stress, and uplifting one’s mood. That is why it is becoming a regular ornament in most of the wellness spas.
The boring looks of candles have been developed through the years, making them awesome decorative gift ideas for birthdays, holiday seasons, and baptisms. Moms and young ladies would always love to give or receive beautifully crafted candles as gifts. 
Home Decors
Since its evolution from a simple lighting material to a decorative piece, people came to love buying candles as an ornament for their own homes during Christmas or even without occasion. Some couples even use it to enhance the romantic atmosphere in their bathrooms and bedrooms.
Air Fresheners
Instead of using artificial air fresheners made from aerosol, some people use scented candles to eliminate bad odors at home or their closets.
Prayer and Meditation
Ancient Romans and Jews, Indians, and Chinese had long history of using candles for their prayers and meditation. Try to add a lighted candle during your meditation and you will experience a more solemn prayer.
Scented candles are believed to have healing properties. They aid in lowering high blood pressure, relieving pain and fatigue, headaches, and stomach upset. A lighted scented candle can also help you maintain your focus. Some even claim that candles infused with essential oils are found to be helpful in treating cancer.
Memory Connection
Have you ever experienced smelling a certain candle scent and remembering a happy moment in time? The sense of smell is the strongest and can bring back memories because it is connected to the brain. If you are feeling down, try to light up a candle that can bring up your happy memory and brighten up your day.
Insect Repellent
If you’re in the woods on a summer camp, don’t forget to bring your citronella candles. It can drive mosquitos and other small insects away.
When buying candles, try to avoid the paraffin type which are made from chemicals. Choose those that are made from beeswax, candelilla, rapeseed, and soy wax which are not harmful to the environment. In this way, you can get the most of the benefits from using scented candles.

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