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How Smart Are You in the Candle Language?

Do you freak out whenever you go to the candle store and you hear terms that are unfamiliar to you? It’s great to be knowledgeable about these terms in order to guide you in your buying decision. Read and see the list of vocabulary words that are often used with candles and outsmart those sweet ladies offering you to buy those beautiful candles.

ADHEREND WICK – Adherend wicks or crackling booster wicks are two or more wicks attached together by a non-toxic adhesive. This type of wick is ideal for soy wax candles. This is one of the reasons why soy candle wicks are non-toxic and good for the environment.

AFTERGLOW - This is the light emitted from the wick after manually putting it out. It is helpful to use a candle extinguisher or snuffer to avoid the candle afterglow.

BURN RATE- This is the amount of wax consumed per hour in grams.

BURN TIME – This is the length of time the candle wax is consumed completely. Soy wax candles are known to have longer burn time than the paraffin type.

BURN TEST OR TEST BURN – This is the process used by the manufacturers to test the right combination of wax, wick, and fragrance.

CANDLE SWEATING – This is the formation of oily substance called sweat on the surface of the candle when there is a change in temperature. To avoid this, store the candle in a cool dark place away from direct sunlight, intense heat or intense cold

FROSTING – Frosting looks similar to the whitish color coating that you see in chocolates. Frosting does not in affect the quality of soy wax candles.

GUTTER – the formation of excessive melted candle wax that can run down outside of the candle.

MELT POINT – the temperature that is hot enough for the candle wax to liquefy.

MELT POOL – the liquid pool of wax on top of the candle which is best achieved by burning the candle for 2 hours. A candle that is burning for 4 hours should have ½ inch in depth of melt pool.

MEMORY CIRCLE – also called tunneling or pocket hole or memory ring. Memory circle is formed when the candle is not burned long enough or for at least 2 hours until the wax melts across the top and edge to edge, thus creating a tunnel. This tunnel shape in the middle and around the wick of the candle will continue until the life of the candle. That is why it is also called the memory ring.

MUSHROOMING OR CARBON BUILD-UP – This is the formation of carbon head around the wick, forming a mushroom-shaped wick. Cut or trim the wick for about 1/8 of an inch before lighting the candle or when relighting every 4 hours to keep the wick clean and avoid mushrooming.

POWER BURN – is burning the candle longer than 4 hours which is unsafe and is not recommended.

THROW – is the release of fragrance into the air after lighting the candle.

VESSEL – is a jar or containers used to hold the candle.

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